About Jesse Williamson

Jesse Williamson is a finance and corporate strategy professional with deep experience throughout over a decade of helping businesses and investors to create value. Whether as an investment banker or buy-side professional working within private equity or venture capital structures, he has consistently used his analytical skill, industry knowledge, and ability to map strategic pathways to help companies accelerate their growth and achieve their goals.

Currently, Mr. Williamson is a Director at the 9.8 Group, Inc, a strategic holding company which holds as its subsidiaries advisory, technology, marketing and media businesses focused on the healthcare, wellness, travel, financial and consumer products verticals. With responsibility for the Group’s corporate strategy and development across its various holdings, Mr. Williamson has oversight of M&A and investment activities, as well as strategic planning, partnerships and overall corporate development. Jesse is also co-founder and Managing Director of weMultiply LLC, the 9.8 Group’s technology-focused investment, acceleration and deal making unit, which seeks to leverage the international client and partner relationships of the Group and its subsidiaries.

Mr. Williamson previously was Vice President at Seidman & Co., Inc, where he headed Seidman’s investment banking operations and client engagement. He presently maintains an affiliation with Seidman for the purposes of investment banking engagements. Mr. Williamson was also formerly Vice President at FinanceNYC LLC, where he led the Wall Street-based merchant banks capital raise and consulting activities, and a Partner at Hampton/Hoerter, LLC, where he was in charge of developing new business and strategic partnerships with companies both internationally and within the US.

Jesse received his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, where graduated summa cum laude in 1999 with a B.A. in English and a specialization in psychology. His interest in finance sparked by his work with American Express’ Business Finance subsidiary, Mr. Williamson pursued an MBA at the Fordham University Graduate School of Business, graduating from its prestigious Deming Scholars Honors Program with MBAs in both Finance and Management Systems. His work as a Deming Scholar also included practicing consultancies with companies and organizations including the United Nations’ Finance Management Support Service, Met Life and New York’s Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation. He maintains affiliations with the Axial Network, the Deming User Group, the TOLN Network and Beta Gamma Sigma.

Corporate Strategy & Finance Experience

9.8 Group Inc.

February 2010 – present

Seidman & Co., INC.

Vice President
Feburary 2008 – Feburary 2010

weMultiply LLC

Managing Director
October 2012 – present


Hampton Hoerter

January 2004 – December 2009


Prime Access LLC

March 2012 – present

Global Advertising Strategies, Inc.

Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations
February 2010 – January 2011